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For me, music is not something one can play, perform, repeat. Like one single day of one's life, one can't repeat it but only imitate. It becomes an untruth.
Music has a quality of living being. It comes to us in the form of inspiration and takes over. Only then real music arrives, and we can share it.


To have a Guru is a blessing to everyone. Guru gives continuous inspiration to a disciple. When Ustadji visited my home town, he introduced musicians – "My younger son – Ayaan, and my elder son – Akash." My guru named me a son. This is the highest award I've ever got. It still seems to be unbelievable.


I plan to publish here some interesting thoughts and quotes here

“The most important is to allow your imagination to flow freely and to create performed composition anew. Only this is a real interpretation." – Alfred Cortot.

"To really improvise, to say something you feel at this moment is the most difficult thing in the world. (...) That can happen in your imagination, but when it occurs in music it's wonderful because it happens not only inside, but outside at the same moment. It's magic." – John McLaughlin.

The world is filled with energy, vibration or sound – we name it "nāda" in Sanskrit. Nāda can be "ahatanāda" and "anāhatanāda". Former means "audible", manifested", later – "inaudible", "unmanifested" sound. One can hear the first from outside but the second – from inside.

The great role of musicians is the magic of joining these two together. We can transform unmanifested or inner sound into hearable one. In other words, we colour outer vibration of audible audio waves with the inner sound, with a thought, feeling or sense. Isn't it a miracle? – Akash. : )

I've started to work on my website. And I promise to share with you much more!


yours with love and joy.


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